Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is It Love Or DOVE? My longstanding love affair with Dove Products

I have been an avid Dove user since I moved to New york. Which was a long 10 + years back.  My hair has gone through a rainbow of colors and dove has always helped.   

Was very happy with the results and the best part is that a Dove Bar in New york is also an ice cream sandwich. Not only did Dove keep my multi streaked hair clean, nourished and pampered. It also gave me an ice cream treat. Not to be confused with the famous Dove soap Bar which is really nourishing as well. For me anything named Dove became a very comforting product. Whether it was for my hair,skin or my hungry tummy :).

My multi streaked hair in NY

 Happy with my foray into blonde in the pic above I decided to go even blonder pic below.

Blonder Halloween
 Of course with my trusty nourishing therapy Dove under my belt. I used Dove when i went Bleach blonde thrice a week with the matching nourishing conditioner wash away as well as the leave in conditioner. Wishing I had used Dove's Hair spa as well. But then Hindsight is 20-20. So next time which is next week i hope to correct the previous mistake :) Dove all the way. Cant wait for my Dove Hamper to come as well it will come just in time to condition my newly colored hair. The pic below is my latest pic without having colored my hair for the last few years or so. Never liked my brown color think that it is too mousy. My sis tells me this is the in color rite now. Maybe will go a few shades lighter.
Natural brown color

I am still using Dove therapy for split ends the big blue bottle I bought an industrial size one :) same with the leave in conditioner :) I think Dove should come out with a line of Hair color products that go well with their shampoos. I'm sure it will be as nourishing as their shampoo and soap. Would love it if they came up with a Skin care line as well :)  I have been a Dove loyalist for at least 10+ yrs now and would love to use more of their products. I am going to get a cut and color this week will post the pics on the next blog and hopefully my new DOVE will be here by then. Or I will just go out and buy some :) Cant wait....Its like getting a new present for my Hair :) Yippee :) 

  More to follow on the Next Blog Post so till Next time :) Wishing u Love and DOVE :)


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