Monday, October 31, 2011

Spaghetti Kitchen Powai

Entered into the restaurant expecting good food as had great take out a week earlier. Liked the decore which was very rustic Italian Bistro. Nice Ambiance didnt have loud music playing which was good so people could talk. Very family friendly restaurant . Many families were sitting and enjoying their food in a nice hum of conversation. Ordered the penne in white sauce again. Pic below
Penne in white sauce with chicken and broccoli

Had the Sea food Marinara Was great. Never having had a sea food marinara i was pleasantly Surprised 
The only complaint I have is that there was only one Mussel a few prawns squid and fish were plenty. Next time will try it with just the Mussels and let u know how that went. I generally have the mussels in wine sauce. Will review that if they have it.
Sea food Marinara
Half  Eaten Sea food Marinara

Always on the look out for a good steak place like all good carnivores should be. Had the Steak di manzo with mushroom sauce. They give you an option of pepper sauce havent tried that yet. But the steak was cooked well loved the mushroom sauce and this comming from my BF who is not a fan of mushroom. I did eat 1/4 cause i had to wrestle it away from him unlike the asparagus which he hates and i luv :). The Sides were Great as well mashed potatoes and a rubix cube like carrot which i really appreciated :). The Croquettes were nice as well all just lightly looked with still a crunch to them. Pretty plate isn't it?

Steak Di Manzo

Chocolate Bomb

Really loved the chocolate bomb it was nice and warm and soft with melted chocolate inside :) Yummy. they served it with a cold scoop of vanilla with chocolate sauce. Included both the pics of before and after i dug into my bomb and it all exploded into a chocolate river. Now who can complain about a chocolate river not me :) Loved it :)

Overall good experience we ordered 3 mains and dessert out of which only one the penne in white sauce needed a little tweaking. Would prefer it with a Bachenel (made with flour and butter)sauce like the french instead of a milk sauce which smelt too milky for my liking. Would I go again Sure I would. Would like to try out there mini pizzas as well till next time folks happy eating :)