Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Easing myself into the chaos

So used to having a cause to rebel against when i was growing up it was the parental unit and now on my own I miss that.
It was so easy knowing what Path to take. It was the path that my parents were dead against. A lot of people have been asking me to blog for a few years now and I always resisted. Didn't want to blog because it meant that i would have to write down and make an effort to state my opinions. Didn't know if anyone would bother to read it.  Wouldn't want to offend people with my blog. Most importantly didn't want people to know what I was thinking.
Live and Let live and love is my policy in life. Most definitely I have a relaxed sense of morality. I pride myself not having fit into a box or a stereotypical Trait of any kind. With all these contradictions being visited and re visited every time i meet someone new I don't like talking about myself especially in cultural strict societies since i can just see people trying to fit me into these detestable Boxes of assumptions. Let me know if you feel the same. Happy travels.