Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love Hats always makes me think of the RACES

Philip Treacy Hat line 2011.......London milliner (Hat Maker). Galleries of haute couture and ready to wear hat collections. 

I wonder why we didnt pick up the Hat wearing tradition from the British. Picked up almost everything else. Hats always remind me of the Scene from "MY FAIR LADY" the movie where Eliza is taken to the races in a black and white gown with a lovely hat and everyone around her is equally dressed up Rather Poshly :) i would say.
She is learning to speak proper english and manners. she carries herself off very well until the race begins and her horse is behind where she yells out to the horse in her thick uncultured voice " Move your blooming Arse" 
Its Funny as hell and a classic to boot. Would recommend everyone see it. Back to topic...Loving the hats . They are a piece of Art to look at but would i stick one on my head. Would u???  I think not. Simply because the aesthetic hasn't been accepted in India at all. Would stick out like a sore thumb dont u think. 

The Most Famous hat fiasco to in the recent times has been about  Princess Beatrice toilet hat. Shes is the daughter of Prince Andrew (brother of Prince Charles) and Sarah Ferguson...She looked like she wore a Toilet lid on her head. This Fiasco was at the  April wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, who are now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

posting the picture from the NY times. She in turn sold the hat on Ebay for
UNICEF and for children in crisis charities :) smart girl....

 and she had been the only royal to complete a Marathon till date :) yippie for the Royal women :)

Whats ur opinion about hats???Love them or LEave them??

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  1. Lovee Hats! well most of them atlease. I think hats say a lot about a person, they can be very revealing and their design depends on ur personal taste. Not like something like Pallazo pants which most people love and will wear. And hell ya! on the My Fair Lady bit...Good memories...loev saying Enry Iggins