Sunday, May 6, 2012

Its not Worth Nothing Anymore

How dare you suffer these several Joys.
After tying me for an eternity to your sorrows.
How dare you smile, after auctioning off mine for your sins.

You the king of stupidity and inaction.
Laziness drapes you lovingly so.
Movement means death,  stagnating in this rotten purgatory with u seems endless.

My worse nightmares you bring Forth like a daemon set out from hell.
Comfort from you comes in the form of burning resentment dipped into self loathing for a good measure.

If this is life and as it should be.
Then Death seems a kinder accomplishment.

Me always looking into your nothingness, guiding it to the shores of achievement.
Burning life ,blood and my very soul.
Its not Worth Nothing Anymore.......