Friday, November 25, 2011

One Hour for me and One Hour for you :)

If i had an extra two hrs. a day I would like to be able to spend one hr. pampering myself and the other hour on some worthy cause.
 Everyday the hour that I want to spend on other people would change. Sometimes making someone close by feel better by a foot rub or a massage. A stranger better by giving them food. I'm an animal lover and would love to just donate all my time to them without any concern for anything else. But that is not possible as I have pets and a Family of my own to look after everyday. After all charity begins at home.
I would love to pamper myself with a spa sadly they cost too much. So might keep them to a minimum of at least once a month as opposed to me having just gone once to a spa in my entire life. I think working out for an hr or at least thirty minutes is also pampering yourself as that takes care of your physical and mental well being as well. Exercise is good for the brain and heart. Women in general do not take care of their eating and exercising. Which they should as it makes you Healthy and happy.

The one hr I would like to spend at an animal shelter somewhere helping poor hurt animal with no voice. Hating that humans would ever be cruel to them. I wish i could take them all home and keep them safe, secure and well fed. Animals are the most loyal loving people I know :) yes i know i said People because sometimes behave  totally opposite and we still call them Human and being an Animal is used as an insult. My favorite times in my life have been spent with animals volunteering at the Zoo in Singapore and New york and working at Sentosa island in Singapore :) all filled to the brim with animals insects reptiles birds etc that are taken good care of.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vicious Angry Person Being a Bad Neighbour

Having issues with the mental case that live below me. I'm on the 11th floor and she is on the 10th. Been Living there longer than she has. Didn't have any issues with anyone. A Leaking pipe into her house apparently was me throwing water and piss water none the less. She caught my servant telling her dont throw water in my house. Like I would achieve some kind of Nirvana doing that.

Lied to me that she wanted my servant down to do some work and then again told her to stop throwing piss water into her house. Weird lady like i would be collecting pee in a bucket and throwing it down. The Next time she did this which was pretty much on a regular basis. I asked our building manager to come which he did with her son and checked my balcony which was DRY as a Bone.

Water is not the only problem. If there is any noise like us walking in Rubber slippers its the end of the world and she calls at odd hrs to say that we are making noise like 4 am in the morning when everyone is asleep and JUST BREATHING.....How Cruel of us to Breathe in Our Own House....And get this she made complaints even when i was in a Different state (goa) and there was absolutely no one at home. I dont expect little elves came just to mess with her but might have in her troubled head.

The Straw that Broke the camels back : Last nite i was lying down on the bed and reached for a bottle that was place on the floor and it tipped over. Yup u guessed it right. She called up complaining. Till Date I've been taking diplomatically with her and cordially thinking that shes old and must be cranky. Last nite at 9 pm getting tired of the harassment As she tells me what is all this that your throwing around. i asked her is she going to call every time a bottle falls down and guess what she says YES....Wow i thought to myself this person has no clue how to live cordially i don't think she can even spell or read or write. So i told her she was Crazy and needed to buy a bungalow if she didn't want Neighbors. I personally think she is one of those women who has no control on what goes on in her life is frustrated and has chosen me to take it out on or is just used to fighting and misses it from the old Chawl that shes moved from. Thank u Redevelopment. Money doesn't Bring Class
Having moved to India from New york and having lived in India in my own building ,moving into a society I don't come to expect much from people around like common sense or civic sense but someone going out of their way to make me uncomfortable in my house is absolutely vicious....I do hope she realizes what a JERK she is being. And we can talk ,resolve it and move on eventually.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Adventures of TINTIN in 3D

Movie Poster
Just Came back a few minutes ago from the movie. Its a great movie in 3D none the less .Loved the movie the 3D. Hated the Glasses as they were scratched and too heavy. Watched the movie at Inox @ Thane (W) got the recliners at the back. Love to sit there cause its so comfortable and has a good view. Didn't make a difference where we sat in 3D.

Great first half . Thirty seconds in and the mystery starts and the viewer is Drawn in. I enjoyed it so much that i forgot to eat my red vines :) or sweet cable as the candy treats company call them. And anyone that knows me knows i LOVE them. Wishing there was no Interval and I wasn't brought back to the reality of sitting in the Theater. 

The second Half moved faster and it was very exciting and cant wait for the 2nd installment. Its a must see for all people who loved the Comics. It brings the comics to life. Every scene could be paused and it would fit in a comic instantly as the makers of it will emphasize as well.

Haven't put the plot of the movie up as I didn't want to spoil it for everyone as discovering it. Let me know if u want to know the plot will email u personally. But I would prefer if u watched it in 3D and Discovered it for yourself. Its a pleasure frame by frame. Will definitely go for it a second time or maybe a third time even. Hope everyone Enjoys the Movie as i did

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Morgutal with Chutney Receipe

Morgutal is a South Indian delicacy eaten by me at my Bf's mom's place plenty of times. She makes it very well and compliments it with coconut chutney. After Eating it for the millionth time in the last 9 yrs I made the decision to take the recipe from her. So here goes....If u do use it let me know how it turned out and if you made any additions, would love to know anything u thought that made it better Eat in good health :)

Morgutal : 1 and 1/2 cup tur dal cook till soft with Turmeric and salt ( one teaspoon each should be enough)
                grind : 3/4th coconut , 1 and 1/2  teaspoon Jeera full not powder , 8-10 curry leaves ( curry patta)
                          3 chillies, fist full of raw rice Grind all together into a paste and keep aside.

Vegetables : Pumpkins ( red or green) 100 gms ,Peas 100 gms Peel of skin of pumpkin cut into cubes add peas and boil with turmeric and salt . Add paste into dal and pour it all into the boiled vegetable broth. Let it boil till gravy becomes thick.
Tadka: with coconut oil 1 and 1/2 spoon rai mustard seeds and urad dal.
Below is the pic of how it should look in the end.


Chutney: 1/2 coconut, 3 chillies green ( to taste) dried chilly whole , Urad dal 2 teaspons, Channa dal 1and 1/2 teespoon dry roast all of the ingredience mentioned then add curry leaves 3-5 Tamarin pulp 1/2 lemon size. remove all this from the heat then Dry roast coconut pulp with coriander leaves and salt to taste ( less is more in this case) you can always add more salt later. Grind all into a chutney to eat on the side. Below is the pic of how it looks at the end of it all

Coconut Chutney
Eat with boiled or steamed rice. ENJOY.........
Morgutal, rice and Chutney :) ENJOY


Luv us or hate us Pakistan U cant Ignore us anymore....Pakistan give MFN status to India

The reason that India gets the MFN status from Pakistan is the economic conditions there. Pakistan imports good from India but via Dubai. So all goods would be getting more expensive with middle men or firms importing them. Then re-exporting them to Pakistan.This would have obviously made those goods more expensive for the people that it eventually landed in Pakistan for.

India is cautious wondering if Pakistan is going to withdraw the status after giving it as they have done with several other things in the past. I do not think India has anything to worry about as these good were being exported anyway to them. Prices obtained for the goods in India would remain the same but cutting out the middle man in Dubai would mean that these same goods would be cheaper for the Pakistanis who like the rest of the World are dealing with Financial blows and inflation.

This would mean more business for the ports of Gujarat. Improvements in shipping links between India and Pakistan. But would in turn mean a percentage of exports to Dubai decreasing. The firms that have invested in Dubai's future as an entry port would be threatened. In this economic climate could mean a slight adjustment or complete doom. That remains to be seen. But companies in India and Pakistan would see a boom in Exports and imports between the two countries that were doing it already but to put in lays man's terms on the sly. Hoping to see some lovely Pakistani clothing into India at Cheap costs as we all love a bargain. Instead of having to buy them from visitors to and fro. Yes i do love Pakistani embroidery and crochet as they love Indian Prints and Bollywood movies Needless to say all of this is on the sly.

High time we both grew up and stop sticking our tongues out at each other. Even if no one will admit it. Pakistan has come out from the loins of ancient India as have many countries. So high time we act like adults and stop the meaningless sibling rivalry in which no side wins.

Here's hoping this trade development lasts and is not broken by the time this blog post is published. Fingers crossed


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is It Love Or DOVE? My longstanding love affair with Dove Products

I have been an avid Dove user since I moved to New york. Which was a long 10 + years back.  My hair has gone through a rainbow of colors and dove has always helped.   

Was very happy with the results and the best part is that a Dove Bar in New york is also an ice cream sandwich. Not only did Dove keep my multi streaked hair clean, nourished and pampered. It also gave me an ice cream treat. Not to be confused with the famous Dove soap Bar which is really nourishing as well. For me anything named Dove became a very comforting product. Whether it was for my hair,skin or my hungry tummy :).

My multi streaked hair in NY

 Happy with my foray into blonde in the pic above I decided to go even blonder pic below.

Blonder Halloween
 Of course with my trusty nourishing therapy Dove under my belt. I used Dove when i went Bleach blonde thrice a week with the matching nourishing conditioner wash away as well as the leave in conditioner. Wishing I had used Dove's Hair spa as well. But then Hindsight is 20-20. So next time which is next week i hope to correct the previous mistake :) Dove all the way. Cant wait for my Dove Hamper to come as well it will come just in time to condition my newly colored hair. The pic below is my latest pic without having colored my hair for the last few years or so. Never liked my brown color think that it is too mousy. My sis tells me this is the in color rite now. Maybe will go a few shades lighter.
Natural brown color

I am still using Dove therapy for split ends the big blue bottle I bought an industrial size one :) same with the leave in conditioner :) I think Dove should come out with a line of Hair color products that go well with their shampoos. I'm sure it will be as nourishing as their shampoo and soap. Would love it if they came up with a Skin care line as well :)  I have been a Dove loyalist for at least 10+ yrs now and would love to use more of their products. I am going to get a cut and color this week will post the pics on the next blog and hopefully my new DOVE will be here by then. Or I will just go out and buy some :) Cant wait....Its like getting a new present for my Hair :) Yippee :) 

  More to follow on the Next Blog Post so till Next time :) Wishing u Love and DOVE :)