Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vicious Angry Person Being a Bad Neighbour

Having issues with the mental case that live below me. I'm on the 11th floor and she is on the 10th. Been Living there longer than she has. Didn't have any issues with anyone. A Leaking pipe into her house apparently was me throwing water and piss water none the less. She caught my servant telling her dont throw water in my house. Like I would achieve some kind of Nirvana doing that.

Lied to me that she wanted my servant down to do some work and then again told her to stop throwing piss water into her house. Weird lady like i would be collecting pee in a bucket and throwing it down. The Next time she did this which was pretty much on a regular basis. I asked our building manager to come which he did with her son and checked my balcony which was DRY as a Bone.

Water is not the only problem. If there is any noise like us walking in Rubber slippers its the end of the world and she calls at odd hrs to say that we are making noise like 4 am in the morning when everyone is asleep and JUST BREATHING.....How Cruel of us to Breathe in Our Own House....And get this she made complaints even when i was in a Different state (goa) and there was absolutely no one at home. I dont expect little elves came just to mess with her but might have in her troubled head.

The Straw that Broke the camels back : Last nite i was lying down on the bed and reached for a bottle that was place on the floor and it tipped over. Yup u guessed it right. She called up complaining. Till Date I've been taking diplomatically with her and cordially thinking that shes old and must be cranky. Last nite at 9 pm getting tired of the harassment As she tells me what is all this that your throwing around. i asked her is she going to call every time a bottle falls down and guess what she says YES....Wow i thought to myself this person has no clue how to live cordially i don't think she can even spell or read or write. So i told her she was Crazy and needed to buy a bungalow if she didn't want Neighbors. I personally think she is one of those women who has no control on what goes on in her life is frustrated and has chosen me to take it out on or is just used to fighting and misses it from the old Chawl that shes moved from. Thank u Redevelopment. Money doesn't Bring Class
Having moved to India from New york and having lived in India in my own building ,moving into a society I don't come to expect much from people around like common sense or civic sense but someone going out of their way to make me uncomfortable in my house is absolutely vicious....I do hope she realizes what a JERK she is being. And we can talk ,resolve it and move on eventually.


  1. old lady menance / havoc of old lady
    its true old lady missing , chawl culture and she wants attension too by same

  2. mail her a notice of harrasment....

  3. Thank God she came to the Society meeting. with the manager and the watchmen all there. Got her just desserts. Had to yell at her to let me talk cause she refused to let anyone TALK. Sheeesssh....At least shes stopped bothering me as i Threatened to go to the cops and the notice.

  4. Thanks Alka was doing exactly that...before she brought it up with the society

  5. Rahul i'm Happy i've moved into a Bigger better place :) so all well that ends well Thank U Universe