Friday, November 25, 2011

One Hour for me and One Hour for you :)

If i had an extra two hrs. a day I would like to be able to spend one hr. pampering myself and the other hour on some worthy cause.
 Everyday the hour that I want to spend on other people would change. Sometimes making someone close by feel better by a foot rub or a massage. A stranger better by giving them food. I'm an animal lover and would love to just donate all my time to them without any concern for anything else. But that is not possible as I have pets and a Family of my own to look after everyday. After all charity begins at home.
I would love to pamper myself with a spa sadly they cost too much. So might keep them to a minimum of at least once a month as opposed to me having just gone once to a spa in my entire life. I think working out for an hr or at least thirty minutes is also pampering yourself as that takes care of your physical and mental well being as well. Exercise is good for the brain and heart. Women in general do not take care of their eating and exercising. Which they should as it makes you Healthy and happy.

The one hr I would like to spend at an animal shelter somewhere helping poor hurt animal with no voice. Hating that humans would ever be cruel to them. I wish i could take them all home and keep them safe, secure and well fed. Animals are the most loyal loving people I know :) yes i know i said People because sometimes behave  totally opposite and we still call them Human and being an Animal is used as an insult. My favorite times in my life have been spent with animals volunteering at the Zoo in Singapore and New york and working at Sentosa island in Singapore :) all filled to the brim with animals insects reptiles birds etc that are taken good care of.


  1. thank u seema ur a doll BEst wishes back at u have a Great Week