Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Adventures of TINTIN in 3D

Movie Poster
Just Came back a few minutes ago from the movie. Its a great movie in 3D none the less .Loved the movie the 3D. Hated the Glasses as they were scratched and too heavy. Watched the movie at Inox @ Thane (W) got the recliners at the back. Love to sit there cause its so comfortable and has a good view. Didn't make a difference where we sat in 3D.

Great first half . Thirty seconds in and the mystery starts and the viewer is Drawn in. I enjoyed it so much that i forgot to eat my red vines :) or sweet cable as the candy treats company call them. And anyone that knows me knows i LOVE them. Wishing there was no Interval and I wasn't brought back to the reality of sitting in the Theater. 

The second Half moved faster and it was very exciting and cant wait for the 2nd installment. Its a must see for all people who loved the Comics. It brings the comics to life. Every scene could be paused and it would fit in a comic instantly as the makers of it will emphasize as well.

Haven't put the plot of the movie up as I didn't want to spoil it for everyone as discovering it. Let me know if u want to know the plot will email u personally. But I would prefer if u watched it in 3D and Discovered it for yourself. Its a pleasure frame by frame. Will definitely go for it a second time or maybe a third time even. Hope everyone Enjoys the Movie as i did


  1. Nice review of a fun movie, especially for those who have grown up with Tintin. Loved the frame to frame sync with the comics themselves, and the several subtle tributes to the illustration styles throughout the movie. Definitely a film that takes several viewings to get a comprehensive understanding of its nuances.

  2. Thanks Subhorup Dasgupta couldn't agree with u morer