Monday, April 8, 2013

Hating Hating HATING BAD ADS

Saw the recent dumb Cookie ad of Amitabh Horrible doesnt do the product nor the star justice. this is the imagination of our ad exes these days. wonder y they get paid at all. Even my Watchman can ask Amitabh to chastise him and then ask for these cookies only. Sad state of affairs. Using a celeb is lazy advertising. Using him in this bul shit ad is Ad exes sleeping on the damn job.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Page Will Post whatever the Hell I LIke TY

The Last 2 days I've been Abused because of my Posts and also been asked very nicely not to posts Artistic nudes on my Page....My reply to the Jackass who abused me for my posts was Delete and BLOCK ME JAckass and several more choice words which i wont subject u nice people to.

The 2nd Person asked me very nicely not to post artistic nudes on my page and I replied very nicely If u dont like my posts please block me take care have a good week....

What makes people poke their nose into my world if they dont like it just delete me and block me...Y be a jerk about it ??