Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Resounding Emptyness

From one emptiness to another I wander looking for brilliance to shine within me.
Looking for my half, if not better just Equal.
Wishing I had a road map to life or a cheat sheet.
Looking ahead to look behind to stay still with you my perfect one to-nite.
Imperfect me wanting your perfection so desperately.
To complete ,incomplete me .
Lying Romances keep the fire lit wanting more knowing less.
Drama rules logic fails.
As someone said everything in life is mediocre Love shouldn't be one of them.
Stuck in mediocrity waiting for my knight in shining intellect to match wits with.
Rush oh perfect one to whisk me away from it all  in a Dark cloud with a Silver lining

Monday, December 5, 2011

Where for NEW YEAR's

So Confused as always what to do for new years. My heart screams Italy,France and Singapore. But I have the love of my life my German Shepherd Athena who would have to sit for days on end in Quarantine. Which i think is totally unfair that people are allowed to travel all over the world Willy Nilly and my precious one is supposed to sit in quarantine just because she might be carrying some kind of pathogen. People carry more diseases than animals and most of the pandemics have been started by us so called Humans. 

Anywaz back to the Where for new years. Need a vacation. Goa? Lonavla? Delhi? let me know what u r doing. Perhaps will join u Take care have a Great Week