Saturday, November 5, 2011

Luv us or hate us Pakistan U cant Ignore us anymore....Pakistan give MFN status to India

The reason that India gets the MFN status from Pakistan is the economic conditions there. Pakistan imports good from India but via Dubai. So all goods would be getting more expensive with middle men or firms importing them. Then re-exporting them to Pakistan.This would have obviously made those goods more expensive for the people that it eventually landed in Pakistan for.

India is cautious wondering if Pakistan is going to withdraw the status after giving it as they have done with several other things in the past. I do not think India has anything to worry about as these good were being exported anyway to them. Prices obtained for the goods in India would remain the same but cutting out the middle man in Dubai would mean that these same goods would be cheaper for the Pakistanis who like the rest of the World are dealing with Financial blows and inflation.

This would mean more business for the ports of Gujarat. Improvements in shipping links between India and Pakistan. But would in turn mean a percentage of exports to Dubai decreasing. The firms that have invested in Dubai's future as an entry port would be threatened. In this economic climate could mean a slight adjustment or complete doom. That remains to be seen. But companies in India and Pakistan would see a boom in Exports and imports between the two countries that were doing it already but to put in lays man's terms on the sly. Hoping to see some lovely Pakistani clothing into India at Cheap costs as we all love a bargain. Instead of having to buy them from visitors to and fro. Yes i do love Pakistani embroidery and crochet as they love Indian Prints and Bollywood movies Needless to say all of this is on the sly.

High time we both grew up and stop sticking our tongues out at each other. Even if no one will admit it. Pakistan has come out from the loins of ancient India as have many countries. So high time we act like adults and stop the meaningless sibling rivalry in which no side wins.

Here's hoping this trade development lasts and is not broken by the time this blog post is published. Fingers crossed


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