Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rumor of Angels (Poem By Raahila Ladhani)

I heard a rumor of angels.
People said to me. I scoffed and walked it off.
Until i saw your hand reach for me.
I have missed you so much this Year thats gone by.
Everyday I wish for you to be.

I heard a rumor of Angels and didn't think there was one for me. 
Until you left my hand and had no time for goodbyes.
You went away, one ordinary day.
No Fireworks, no warnings , no tearful goodbyes.

I miss your smile ,your crazy eyes ,your mad acrobats ,your almost complaining.
I hate the people i meet now ,most all of them without you protecting me, judging them.
Your sweet embrace, your mad antics, I long for.

Run free my darling.
The big tomato farm in the sky awaits you.
Forgive me for my Limiteless stupidity my one true love.
I pray I should see you once again. 
My rumored Angel my life long love. 
Words fails me  i miss you now more than ever.


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