Thursday, October 13, 2011

Over Connected Under Educated OVer Privileged and Definitely Depressed

I do Like to be connected but there is something as 'BOUNDARIES' people...there is such a thing as too much information. Don't know how the Kardashians do it. Everything out there even their toilet habits which i find very very disturbing. Everyone Draws a different line in the sand about whats out for public consumption and whats not. Reality TV scripted is sometimes too weird. The show about people eating weird stuff like soap, clay, glass etc is kinda weird. Even the Celeb shadowing paparazzi is crazy. Movie Stars Tv stars are just people and some crazy headlines about them are way over the top and always All News is Earth shattering. I always wonder why ? Why is someone going to the freaking restaurant earth shattering. When there is so much else going on. Politically, Environmentally and in our own lives.....Addiction to Drama is a serious issues happens to us all. Life is not a Hindi movie or any movie for that matter. People expect more and are often disappointed that there are no many highs and hopefully not many lows. Everything being OK is something we need to learn to get used to. As everything on TV and movies even Ads tell us different. Everything is about Instant gratification. Buy this and instantly u will get the life of your dreams or use this and u will get the man of your dreams. More about this later :) Storm happening at the construction site rite now :) have to run :) Hide :) and save myself

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