Monday, January 30, 2012

Movie Review Midnight in Paris


Loved this movie a Must watch a Very light hearted Thinking movie. Its about a hopeful first time novel writer that loves the 1920's. I myself love that era of surrealists writers and bohemian existence. It tells us about how we as humans are never happy with where we are and always want to go somewhere else. It epitomizes the saying that one mans trash is another mans treasure. The Grass is always greener and so on.....

                 Wouldn't want to give away the plot as that is the magic of the movie. The actors (Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams.) are directed by excellence. Woody Allen movies are a genre and have a following of their own. This movie however would ring true with everyone as its a magical journey of discovery into our own existence of wanting. It gives you pause to think and evaluate in a very positive light. It gives you time to laugh and chuckle at yourself and the characters which you find yourself loving and wanting to know and see more of.
                 Do let me know what you thought about it. What you liked or didn't like. Lets gab about it :)




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