Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Movie Review The Descendants

Another Movie with a Heart and very realistic story, acting and just family life generally. Plain speaking movie with a lot of Heart and Soul. A Descendant of a Hawaii's  Princess George Clooney's Character Matt King is a lawyer that lives within his means and doesn't exploit his Inheritance unlike the rest of his cousins who are broke by squandering away their legacy.
                       His Wife has a boating accident and is in a coma. Her father is especially hard on Clooney's Character blaming him for the accident as he did not spend money to buy his wife a boat which may have prevented the accident.
                      While caring for his estranged wife. There are several layers of relationships we get to see. Matt King with his daughters his friends family and in laws. He is different and real in all his relationships. Pain and trying to make things better for his daughters seem to be the drive that keeps him going.
                        We see the real drama and nothing contrived. All the actors do their roles justice. Definitely worth a watch. I would watch it again. It is a movie that gives you a look in the future if u are detached from ur life and people in it. The What ifs get answered in a very practical way and doesn't complicate issues. It gives you a clear and concise picture of every layer. Very eye opening for the people that just go through life or a long period with being detached. Hope you like it as much as i did. Let me know what u think and how the experience was for You.