Sunday, March 18, 2012

Skeleton In Her Closet

To the distant speck of life I see , the one who I thought was made for me.
I the skeleton in her closet, her deep dark secret she knows ,but connects not to.
Me the rejected, depraved, unfulfilling unfulfilled,ex lover, hater, stealer.
If only To steal but just a few moments more.
To keep forever frozen with me. 
Just a protection from the nuclear unheaval she bestows on me.
My insides feel torn and pulled apart. 
My life a distant dream. 
Am I alive without her ?
This is not true, is it? she survives without me. 
The very air I breathe turn putrid with hate and contempt.
 Dare I utter the very aching and need I feel. 
My soul a shambles. 
Shattered for everyone to see and mock me.
I am the subject of her ridule. 
Her target. 
No love spews from her heart mind or mouth for me anymore. 
An intence hatered. 
Mocking words I long to hear. 
Just one more meaningless fight for me to cling on to.
Just one more I plead to the heavens.
But no more do I hear her voice, feel her tone caress my body.
Mockingly as it were.
Instead I see her .
Happy, without me.
She thrives blooms suceeds without me. 
My meaningless presence contained her greatness.
I blocked her sunlight, refused her a breath
I was her lead box, her capture.
Without me she lives and loves
I barely survive, thinking of her.
Me the skeleton in her closet ,her deep dark secret and she
Always my distant fantasy.

1 comment:

  1. Good Mingling with words!:)
    "Without me she lives and loves
    I barely survive, thinking of her."
    (Loved these words!)